16. Mai 2013

HUBB Oberliebersbach 2013 – Terminwarnung

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dieses Wochenende: Horizons Unlimited in Oberliebersbach

Infos und Anmeldung

Schönes Programm, interessante Ziele…  (mit den Excel-Planern Annaleen und Uli – kleiner Insider am Rande ;-))

Presenters at HU Germany Summer 2013 include…

Uli Steinmann.Annaleen Steinmann.

Uli and Annaleen Steinmann

Pictures and short movies from our trip through Iran, Turkmenistan, Kirgisistan, Uzbekistan, China and Pakistan.

Silk road
Donato Nicoletti.

Donato Nicoletti

A guy, his Harley, 14 months, 23 countries and 60.000 kms to take a long breath across Asia: Caucasus, the ‚Stans, China, Pakistan, India, Thai, Lao, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia and Russia.

Lone Ride Around

Jan van Gulik

Slideshow of a trip from Kazakhstan through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.

Silk road Uzbekistan and Kirghistan
Martin & Pepi Jungowski.

Martin & Pepi Jungowski

Cambodia two-up on a Baja 250

Three weeks, two people, one backpack, one bike, twofifty cc – a quick dip into Cambodia. As part of a longer five week journey through south east Asia we spent almost three weeks in Cambodia on a rented 250ccm Honda Baja, travelling through the country two-up. From Phnom Phen to Angkor Wat, Kratie, Banlung, via the joungle route to Sen Monorom, and back.

Alex Conrad.

Alex Conrad

After working as an engineer in the US and Germany, ‚burned out‘ and depressed, Alexander found Jupiters Travels, bought a motorcycle, left everything behind and took off, though southern Europe and into Asia. He’ll tell you how he came to the decision!

There is another choice!

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